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Donor Bricks the Future of Fundraising?

You can launch a successful and memorable fundraising campaign with donor bricks. Whether you want to attract new donors to your organization or get community members involved in your cause, using personalized bricks can do the trick.

What are Donor Bricks?

Donor or personalized bricks are engraved with names or special messages to encourage people to donate funds. They can also be used as effective marketing tools for business. Charities often use them to increase involvement and individuals for honoring the memory of loved ones.

Depending on the company you choose, you can engrave bricks either by laser or sandblasting. Laser engraving is a preferred technique because it minimizes dirt. After the brick is engraved, you can use it to build a variety of structures like pavements, walls and walkways.

What Types of Fundraising Bricks are Available?

In terms of colors, shades and designs, the options are limitless. When picking a shade, it is best to select one that will suit the purpose for which it is intended. If you are building a new indoor walkway, keep the design of the existing structure in mind.

You should also consider where the bricks will be placed. Choose tougher materials and laser engraving for outdoor bricks. Laser makes engraved messages last longer and eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

Look for a brick-engraving company that offers virtual tools to help you design. Online tools gives you freedom to experiment with colors and fonts. Take advantage of templates to visualize the finished product.

What are Personalized Bricks Used for?

As mentioned earlier, donor bricks can be used by both organizations and individuals. Knowing your goals in advance can help you select an effective design.

Raise Funds

Engraved bricks are mostly used for fundraising purposes. You can create a campaign where each donor buys a brick either to keep as a souvenir or be used to build a permanent structure. With an 80% ROI, it is a cost-effective strategy with outstanding results.

Raising funds with bricks is suitable for many types of organizations. Institutions (educational and religious), public gardens and parks, libraries, schools, hospitals, zoos, memorials and stadiums can use bricks for effective campaigns. Check out this site to learn more.

Encourage Involvement

Consider using bricks to rally support for a non-profit cause. Engraving the names of people and companies involved and displaying them on public platforms is a good way to encourage others to join in. This is also a great technique to thank donors and members for their ongoing involvement.

Market Your Business

You can market new products and services easily and affordably with personalized bricks. Depending on your budget, sell or give them away to strengthen relationships with customers and business partners.

Honor Loved Ones

Whether as a birthday present for children or a parting gift for deceased family member, engraving bricks can help express your sentiments in a unique way. Create one as a keepsake for friends, family, colleagues and pets.

How to Choose a Donor Brick Company

It is highly recommended for look for companies that provide quality, laser-engraved donor bricks. There should be online tools to help craft your design, plenty of color choices and professional assistance on how to use bricks in campaigns. A long guarantee and reliable support are also signs of good customer service.

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