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The Purpose of Fatherhood initiative programs

Fathers play a vital role in their children's lives. The behavior, character and personality of a child will tell you whether or not they have a father figure in their life. This is simply because all children get their identity from their father, male and female. Children have a desire and are always looking for their father's approval in everything that they do. You will even notice that children who have a relationship with their father are more confident and have a higher self esteem than those who don't even know their father. This is why it is imperative for fathers to take their rightful place, not only in society, but also in their children's lives.

Fatherhood initiative programs is a non profit organization dedicated to helping urban communities, by helping fathers become independent and successful members of the community. This organization helps families further by providing workforce development programs for fathers, responsible fatherhood programs and various family services. They have a number of partners as well as valuable resources that help their clients along the way. They provide comprehensive assistance in every area that the family may need help in, such as employment, housing, childcare and life skills. This dedicated organization stays with their clients for a number of years as they understand that success both in your personal and professional life is not achieved overnight, but instead is a length process involving time, effort and discipline.

When it comes to economic empowerment, these people have the necessary resources to connect you with the hundreds of jobs out there. In some cases, you may already have the skills and work experience, so it's just a matter of job placement. However, in other cases, they may need to equip you with the relevant training and certification programs. Among these services they offer job retention and advancement programs, intensive career management programs and access to vital work supports and work related benefits. You can get more info about it on this site.

One of the main points of the Fatherhood initiative programs is to teach fathers how to be more emotionally and financially supportive of their families. This is done by placing emphasis on child support, acquisition of parenting skills, increasing healthy relationships by using better communication methods. These are all qualities that fathers from low income areas lacked mainly because they were the most disconnected and most overlooked members of society. It is now time for fathers to take a stand in their home and their communities. It is time for them to take their God ordained place as heads of the home. Their job is not just to be financial providers, but protectors or their wives and children and figures deserving of respect and admiration. All children tend to model after their fathers. This is synonymous amongst all children and if it hasn't changed in thousands of years, there is no hope of it changing any time in the near or distant future. So all that society can do is give fathers the respect and opportunity they deserve to be all that they need to be.

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